Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions Taikoschool House of Circles

  • Registration
    – You are registered for the whole season when you have made the (first) payment, no later than September 5, 2023.
    – With the first payment, and thus registration, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Unsubscribe
    – You can unsubscribe in writing at the end of the season by sending an email to info@houseofcircles.nl.
    – Early deregistration, in the current season is possible, but there is no right to refund of the tuition fee. An exception to this is a change in personal circumstances whereby no continuation can reasonably be demanded. This is always at the discretion of Taikoschool House of Circles. A request for a refund can be made in writing to info@houseofcircles.nl.
  • Extension of registration
    – Without written notice, you will remain automatically enrolled and your enrollment will be renewed annually.
  • Payment options
    – In one payment by bank for the entire season. The discount is half a lesson.
    – Each month by bank a fixed amount. The total cost will be divided by 12 months.
    – If you do not pay, the taiko school will call in a collection agency. All resulting costs are for your account.
  • Lesson cancellation
    – If a lesson is cancelled by the taiko school due to circumstances, a replacement lesson will be scheduled.
    – If classes are cancelled due to Corona or other force majeure situations then there is no right to a refund. Taikoschool House of Circles offers alternatives and/or replacement classes whenever possible.
  • Absence
    – There is no refund if you are absent.
    – If the absence is of a prolonged nature (for example, due to illness or a broken arm), please contact us in writing at info@houseofcircles.nl. We will then look for a solution together. The Taikoschool always has the final say in this.
  • Liability
    – Participation in classes is at your own risk. Taikoschool House of Circles can in no way be held responsible for injuries or (hearing) damage.
  • Video recordings
    – Taikoschool House of Circles has the right to make visual recordings during the lessons and other activities. These may be used for PR purposes such as print materials, website and social media. Any objections can be made through info@houseofcircles.nl.
    – Image recordings may be made by you but only to be used for private purposes. These may never be published on public media without permission of Taiko School House of Circles.
  • Final stipulation
    – These conditions may change at any time and errors are reserved. For all matters not covered by these terms and conditions, Taikoschool House of Circles will decide.


General information:
Taikoschool House of Circles
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Date of last modification: August 22, 2023