Sunday Drumday

Sunday Drumday

We had a lot of requests to put the Sunday Drumday back on the Taiko Calender. We are pleased to announce that we planned 3 Sunday Drumdays this season!

On a Sunday Drumday everybody is welcome. Young - old (what is old these days ;), absolute beginner - advanced, partners from members (and their kids... or parents), colleagues, and so on. On these days we will learn a Taiko Song and of course we will play this song at the end of the day as a closing party.


Sunday Drumday dates:

27 November
26 February
07 May


11.00 hr - Welcome with coffee/tea
11.30 hr - Start
13.00 hr - Lunch (bring your own)
13.30 hr - Start
15.30 hr - End of drumming, clean the Dojo, opportunity to chat and have a drink
16.00 hr - End Sunday Drumday


€ 50,- per person, per Sunday Drumday

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