Taiko School

Experience the art of Japanese drumming!

House of Circles

Taikoschool House of Circles is the number one place in the Netherlands to experience Japanese drumming, to play drums on the largest Japanese drums in Europe, to be trained under the guidance of Dutch percussion group Circle Percussion and to have a lot of fun making music.

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Taiko classes

Find more information about taking lessons on our unique Japanese instruments on this page.

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Taiko ensembles

Our ensembles can be booked for performances at Japanese festivals and Japan-related events.

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Taiko workshops

We not only offer workshops for private festivities, but also for business workshops and training.

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Free Taiko trial lesson

Explain to me:

…What it’s like to play a drum with a diameter of 1.80 meters…
…What it’s like to play drums with sticks the size of a small baseball bat…
…What it’s like to feel the vibrations of our spectacular drums go through your body…

This will be impossible without following one of our lessons. Try our free Taiko trial lesson!

Sunday Drumday

Would you like to play our Japanese Taikos every now and then, when it suits you? THEN THE SUNDAY DRUMDAY IS FOR YOU! And for your friends and family of course, they just come along 🙂

The Taiko

For centuries, the Japanese drum, the taiko, has been an indispensable instrument in the Japanese life and culture. Traditional percussion has enjoyed great popularity again in Japan for decades, where groups such as Kodo, and earlier Ondekoza, are now rampant.

Playing the Taiko physically demands a lot from a drummer. Similar to martial arts, it requires physical flexibility, strength and suppleness.

An impression

Who are we?

The trainers of Taikoschool House of Circles all have their own story, their own character and their own style. They all play the taikos in the tradition of the famous Japanese percussion group KODO.

In addition to their own special musical background, our musicians have all had internal training at Circle Percussion.

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"Fantastic how effort and relaxation go together!"

"This is absolutely awesome: going wild on drums that are only available here. UNIQUE!"

"Wow, you have to experience these drums!"