Free Taiko trial lesson

Do you also want to experience Taiko?

Explain to someone:

…What it’s like to play a drum with a diameter of 1.80 meters…
…What it’s like to play drums with sticks the size of a small baseball bat…
…What it’s like to feel the vibrations of our spectacular drums go through your body…

That is almost impossible, and that is why you can always follow a free trial lesson with us.

Whether you keep drumming with us after the free trial lesson or whether it stays with this one free trial lesson... you take the experience with you anyway and you will always remember it.

Corona proof!

What others say

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"This is absolutely awesome: going wild on drums that are only available here. UNIQUE!"

"Fantastic how effort and relaxation go together!"

"Great to be physically active and use all your muscles. After such a lesson I can handle everything all week!"

"This is what I have been waiting for: being consciously involved with your body and being able to let go of everything else at the same time!"

"The groove penetrates your bones and won't let go."

"Wow, you have to experience these drums!"

Are you up for the challenge?

Playing Japanese drums is an experience that cannot be captured in words.

- Playing with very thick drumsticks,
- the enormous physical effort required, and
- the natural flow that arises naturally,

... make Taiko drumming a fantastic experience!


Taiko is a challenging activity that clears your head!

Free trial lessons

Taiko proefles 10 oktober


09.45 – Ontvangst met koffie/thee
10.00 – Start workshop
12.00 – Afbouwen en opruimen Taikos
12.00 – Gelegenheid om na te praten onder het genot van een drankje
12.30 – Einde

Taiko proeflessen 11 oktober

Ochtend programma:

10.45 – Ontvangst met koffie/thee
11.00 – Start workshop
13.00 – Afbouwen en opruimen Taikos
13.00 – Gelegenheid om na te praten onder het genot van een drankje
13.30 – Einde

Middag programma:

13.45 – Ontvangst met koffie/thee
14.00 – Start workshop
16.00 – Afbouwen en opruimen Taikos
16.00 – Gelegenheid om na te praten onder het genot van een drankje
16.30 – Einde